Best YouTubers in South Korea in 2023 - Top Channels (2023)

Here are the top 10 Korean YouTubers.

Who are perfect to keep you entertained and stay informed about many different things,

As well as help you connect with their audiences and grow your brand in South Korea.

The thing is, YouTube is very popular in Korea.

Because the public can watch literally everything on the video-sharing platform.

From silly videos, children’s toy reviews, makeup tutorials, and up-to-date news, YouTube users in Korea are only several clicks away from enjoying them all.

All thanks to YouTube creators in the country, the platform will always be the ultimate source of entertainment for many.

Top 10 YouTubers in South Korea

  1. Yummyboy
  2. Heopop
  3. Cheon Ddung TV
  4. IT’s okay
  5. Hyonyeo
  6. May I help you
  7. Jaesi
  8. Eamin
  9. JunnyPhoto

Top Korean YouTubers provide the most enjoyable source of entertainment.

Which is why they have plenty of subscribers.

Their content is always anticipated and crowded online interaction is promised once they post a video.

That’s why working with them is a one-way ticket to getting a hold of a wider audience in South Korea.

Just picture your brand being mentioned in their video which surely will have a big number of views.

Think of how many of their dedicated fans will see it!

And it is time we learn more about their significant influence in this article.

Here are the top 10 Korean YouTube influencers in 2023.

1. Yummyboy – Famous Street Food YouTuber & Influencer in Korea

Yummyboy loves exploring the diverse street food in Korea and other countries and showcases them on his YouTube channel.

There, you will find unique street foods including UFO burgers, rainbow crepes, and pizza toasts.

He also highlights the amazing cooking skills of many street food masters in preparing a great amount of food.

Yummyboy’s content will give you the best recommendations should you plan for a culinary trip in Asia.

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And if you plan to get a hold of all foodies in South Korea, be sure to leverage his great influence ASAP.

2. Heopop – Funny & Entertaining South Korean YouTuber

Heopop uploads fun and unusual experiments on his channel.

Including the ones you wouldn’t think of, like filling a swimming pool with slime.

Heopop also provides ‘lifesaving’ tutorials, such as how to instantly remove bones from a chicken and how to exterminate 1000 cigar beetles.

Everything Heopop uploads are entertaining and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Follow him now if you need something to brighten your day.

For brand owners, collaborate with Heopop now to connect with many of his dedicated audiences.

3. Cheon Ddung TV – Famous Korean Mukbanger & YouTube Influencer

Cheonddung is a Korean mukbanger and vlogger whose content thrives in the country.

Sometimes he cooks his own food and sometimes he doesn’t.

But there’s one thing for sure: Cheon will finish everything prepared on the table,

Something that mukbang lovers in Korea will enjoy.

Cheon enjoys various foods, from spicy Korean cuisine to sweet desserts.

No matter what it is, his content is always anticipated by many.

Cheon is your definitive gate to reach a wider audience in South Korea, especially the foodies.

4. J&K Lovett – Seoul-Based Insightful Couple & YouTube Content Creator

The J&K Lovett channel belongs to the interracial couple, Justin & Koheun Lovett.

(Video) Top 15 Most subscribed YouTube channels in South Korea 2023 | 한국에서 가장 많이 구독한 YouTube 채널 상위 15개 2023

Justin is a freelance filmmaker who on the channel posts Korean vlogs and filmmaking videos.

Oftentimes, you will also see the wife Koheun talking about the difference between American & Korean culture –

With a focus on things people rarely discuss, such as birthdays, recycling, and even favorite milk flavors.

There is also coverage of more serious topics like undocumented immigrants, the cost of dying, and life expectancy between the two nations.

Justin & Koheun’s content is as entertaining as it is informative and that’s why many people become their dedicated followers.

Therefore, I advise you to utilize their significant influence to grow your brand in no time!

5. IT’s okay – Helpful Tech Digital Creator from South Korea

Having some issues regarding your gadgets? IT’s okay! 😉

Because IT’s okay is here to help you will all tech-related problems.

IT’s Okay is a channel that studies and reviews IT products.

Some of her videos discuss the reasons to not buy MacBooks, the best widgets on iOS, –

an honest review of the newest Samsung phone, a comparison between two note-taking apps, and so much more.

If you follow her, you won’t have to worry about encountering a problem or a question about your electronics.

In addition, with IT’s okay’s reputation among the general public of Korea, I suggest you work with her if you want to grow your brand in the country

6. Hyonyeo – Aesthetically Pleasing Daily Vlogger & YouTube Influencer from Korea

Sometimes, you just need a good relaxing video to help you shoo the stress away.

If that’s the case, then I need you to check out Hyonyeo’s account.

She uploads the warmest vlogs of her daily life as a cafe owner, cat person, and baker.

Get ready to see relaxing clips of her waking up in the morning, getting ready, preparing pastries, decorating cakes, and running her shop.

(Video) Top 15 YouTube Channels for Korean Learners

For variations, Hyonyeo also features other things like home cooking and room decor.

Hyonyeo provides comfort content for plenty and I suggest you collaborate with her now and get your brand recognized by her loyal audience.

7. May I help you – Rising Beauty Influencer in South Korea

Baek Song-Min is the South Korean model behind the channel ‘May I help you’.

On her platform, she uploads many things you need to elevate your beauty.

From daily makeup looks, tips for long-lasting makeup, cosmetics recommendations, skincare advice, and even hair styling tips.

She also makes Q&A clips since many want to know more about her modeling life, how she has such flawless skin, her life updates, and more.

Baek is a Korean beauty influencer who has established popularity among makeup enthusiasts in the country.

If your business plans to target them all, then working with her is a must.

8. Jaesi – Korean Lifestyle Vlogger & Fashion YouTube Influencer

Let me introduce you to Jaesi, a beauty and fashion influencer in Korea

Who will show you a closer look at what’s behind a runway and fashion week all over the world.

She vlogs her experience of attending a Paris fashion week, Milan fashion week, and luxury shopping in the US.

She travels to many countries and each time, she will provide you with fashion-themed vlogs.

Her channel is of course home to many fashion enthusiasts in Korea.

And if they are who you want to target, then you need to leverage Jaesi’s influence ASAP.

9. Eamin – Minecraft Gamer & Nano YouTube Content Creator in Korea

A lot of people love Minecraft and among the many things it is enjoyed for is the freedom to build anything you want.

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Whether it is a small hut or a whole island, you can bring your creativity to life with this game.

The gamer Eamin plays Minecraft for the exact same reason as he shares all his creations with the world through YouTube.

On his platform, you can follow his steps to build luxury houses, villages, traditional houses, and even castles.

His Minecraft tutorials are top-notch and helpful to make the most of your experience.

Eamin’s channel is of course watched by many gamers in Korea.

Should your brand plan to reach them, then I highly recommend you work with Eamin now.

10. JunnyPhoto – Aspiring Photography YouTube Content Creator in South Korea

Want to be in the know about the most helpful photography advice? Then subscribe to Lee Jun-Hee’s channel ‘JunnyPhoto’ now.

Because the Korean photography influencer covers complete reviews, tips, and tricks for those who just started pursuing photography.

Among his videos are about the fundamentals of camerawork, gear recommendations, camerawork stages, and all you need to know to improve your skills.

After watching his content, I can guarantee that you will leave with a head full of new ideas and a better understanding of photography.

With Lee Jun-Hee’s significant fame among Korean photographers,

I encourage you to leverage his presence and connect with his dedicated audience in an instant.

Collaborate with Korean YouTube influencers now and grow your business in South Korea.

Korean YouTubers are your perfect gate to spread awareness in the country–

Of your product, service, message, or anything.

They have established a name for themselves and they have a dedicated audience who look forward to their content.

And their videos are watched by those who want to unwind, learn, or have a good laugh.

With the great admiration people have for them, it is only natural that their pages are subscribed to by many.

I can guarantee that your brand will become more and more known by the general public in Korea if you make use of such influence.

So, what are you waiting for?

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After you are sure that the YouTuber you pick is one whose niche can best represent your company,

Then start collaborating with them now and watch your brand awareness grow in no time!

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