Hard Maple Guitar Neck Blanks (2023)

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Buy Quality GuaranteedHard Maple/ Quarter Sawn Maple Guitar Neck Blanks From Best Musical Luthier Tonewood's Supplier In USA.

Fairly easy to work with both hand and machine tools, though slightly more difficult than soft maple due to hard maple’s higher density.

All MyMaple Neck Blanks Are Quarter-Sawn.

  • Turns, glues, and finishes well
  • In tree form, hard maple is usually referred to as sugar maple, and is the tree most often tapped for maple syrup.
  • Hard maple ought to be considered the king of the Acer genus. Its wood is stronger, stiffer, harder, and denser than all of the other species of maple commercially available in lumber form.
  • Common Name(s): Hard maple, sugar maple, rock maple

  • Scientific Name: Acer saccharum
  • Excellent for Guitar necks,musical instruments, turnings

  • Common uses:Hard Maple is often chosen for its strength and stability, as well as its bright tone. Additionally, Hard Maple is less prone to warping than other types of wood, making it a good choice for guitar necks.Hard Maple guitar neck blanks is to create necks for electric guitars.
    Some features that are often found on Hard Maple guitar necks include a maple fretboard, dot inlays, and a reverse headstock. Additionally, many guitar manufacturers offer custom finishes and other options for Hard Maple guitar necks
  • Our products are defect-free and we guarantee 100% product satisfaction. We are happy to answer your queries to serve you better.
  • If for any reason you are not happy with your selection we offer a100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

      *This sale prices is for one piece,Picture is for representational purpose only, you will get a similar product

      *We are selling Different sizes ofEbony Neck Blanks, You can choose what size you need.

      (Video) Hades Roasted Maple quarter/rift sawing a hard maple log for electric guitar neck blanks

      Size Chart:

      36″ x 4 1/2″ x 1 ” (910 x 115 x 25 mm)

      California Proposition 65 Warning
      Cancer and Reproductive Harm


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      (Video) Maple blank for guitar neck resonance test

      Ask a Question

      1) Are these sizes true sizes?
      Yes, these sizes are True. The Measurements that you see are what you will be getting. For example, if it says 2" x 2" x 12” then that's the exact size you will be getting. However, If you ask, it will be planned or jointed. Then the answer is no. It will be rough sawn cut sizes.

      2) Are these kiln-dried or air-dried
      80 percent of our stock is kiln-dried. The stock that is not kiln dried is East Indian Rosewood, Gaboon Ebony, and Black palm. Leopardwood that's 2” and above is not kiln dried. We normally sell this kiln-dried. But the current stock is not kiln dried.

      3) What is Moisture?
      Kiln-dried are mostly between 8-10 percent. We are located in St. Louis, Missouri so we have high humidity and hence our moisture is high. Air-dried varies mostly by 12-15 percent.

      4) Are these Quarter Cut or Rift sawn or Flat sawn?
      This varies. However, 100 percent of our back and sides, neck blanks, and fingerboards are Quarter cut and book matched except Birdseye maple.

      5) Are these rough cuts?
      Yes, most of our lumber, luthier products, turning blanks, bowl blanks, etc are all rough cut. We do plane body blanks and this option is added when you buy. We do plane them down at no extra cost.

      (Video) Tap Tone on a Big Laminate Neck Blank

      6) Are these Planned or Jointed?
      Not planned or jointed. We do this occasionally for customers who don't have access to a planer or jointer at no extra cost.

      7) Would you plane this piece?
      Yes, we can do this. At this moment we are backed up but in exceptional cases, we can help out. Please email at jockey@exoticwoodzone.com

      8) Would you joint this for me?
      Again we can do this at no extra cost if time permits us. Please email at jockey@exoticwoodzone.com

      9) Do you do custom cut?
      Yes, we do custom size orders. But there has to be a minimum of $200 order. But again we try our best to help out in other cases if we can.

      10) How is board foot calculated?
      You take the length x width x thickness and then divide this by 144 (if all measurements are in inches)Here’s an example. A Lumber piece measures 20” wide, 48” long, and 1” thick Then the board feet will be 20 x 48 x 1

      11) Why is lumber so expensive?
      Even though most of the moisture is removed from lumber, wood is still a dense material. Most of the ground freight carriers built the companies to deliver packages much smaller in dimension and lighter than the weight of lumber. When it comes to lumber due to the sheer size of it, shipping companies charge a lot for shipping.We offer free shipping. That's why you are in good hands as we deal with the shipping companies ourselves and get you the best rate and sell the products at on rate.

      12)What kind of lumber do you stock?
      Our specialty is hardwood lumber both exotic and domestic except for Basswood.


      (Video) A trio Of Odins! Lets finish these neck blanks!

      • Basswood
      • Black Walnut
      • Hard Maple
      • Cherry
      • Hard Maple
      • Birdseye maple
      • White Ash
      • Curly Hard Maple
      • Alder
      • Poplar
      • Ambrosia Maple

      • Sapele
      • Genuine Mahogany
      • African Mahogany
      • Spanish Cedar
      • Purpleheart
      • Padauk
      • Bloodwood
      • Cocobolo
      • Zebrawood
      • Leopardwood
      • Bocote
      • Olivewood live edge slabs
      • African blackwood
      • Chechen
      • Granadillo
      We also have a rotating mix of specialty lumber that we carry and are always adding the additional stock. If you are on the hunt for something specific, email us at jockey@exoticwoodzone.com and we can let you know if we have any in stock or plan to in the near future.

      13)Does Exotic Wood Zone straight line rip and plane their lumber?
      We give you the option. We know some people like to work with the most width and thickness possible. If we are not very busy then we do this for free. Please email us with any special requests to jockey@exoticwoodzone.com

      Shipping Info

      We like to keep things simple, and that includes getting your lumber products to you as efficiently as possible. Hence we have added free shipping on 100 percent of products.

      14)When will my order ship?
      Once we receive your order, we generally start processing it within one business day. From there, the products included in your order will dictate how quickly we can ship them. We’ll keep you updated along the way, and send an email that includes delivery tracking information when your order departs our facility. If you have schedule questions before placing your order, feel free to email us jockey@exoticwoodzone.com and we’ll get them answered. If you want this shipped asap please email us also. If it's not urgent don't do it as someone who needs it shipped as soon as possible will get it delayed.

      15) I'm placing a large order. Do you ship via freight?
      Yes, we utilize a network of freight shipping companies and are happy to arrange that for you.

      16) I live outside of the United States. Will you ship to me?
      Yes, we do ship internationally. Please do email us with the shipping cost. International shipping is not free.

      17)Can I track my order once it leaves your warehouse?
      Yes, once your order is submitted, processed, and leaving our facility, you’ll receive an email notification sharing delivery tracking information.

      18)Am I allowed to return a product for a refund?
      Yes, we have a 60-day return policy we pay for return shipping and we don't charge restocking fees. This is the best guarantee offered by us because we believe our customers need the best treatment and best pricing.

      (Video) How I make my NECK BLANKS for custom guitars


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