7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India (2022) (2023)

7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India (2022) (1)

7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India (2022) (2)

Are you looking for the best acoustic guitar for beginners in India? It’s always confusing when you just keep looking and compare each guitar.

No mention how hard is it to find the best out of them. We have a detailed guide to help you make the best choice.

It’s great to see that you have at least come here to buy a guitar. Believe me, it’s a great instrument to master.

If you turn to the acoustic version of the guitar makes it sure that you have an affinity towards classical, country, folk music.

If your taste preference is to rock, metal type of music, We also have a guide to buying the best electric guitars in India.

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What’s an Acoustic Guitar?

Acoustic Guitar Price in India

Cheap Acoustic Guitars in India

1. Yamaha F310 TBS 6-String Acoustic Guitar, Tobacco Sunburst

2. Ibanez MD39C-NT Acoustic Guitar (Natural)

3. Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

5. Fender CD 60 Dread V3 DS 6 String Acoustic Guitar

6. Kadence Frontier Series Black Semi-Acoustic Guitar

7. Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar (Natural)

Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide


What’s an Acoustic Guitar?

An acoustic guitar is a musical instrument in the guitar family, that projects the sounds of its vibrating strings acoustically through the air. Unlike electric guitars that work on amplification system, acoustic guitar amplies sound within guitar body and thats what you hear it.

My personal advice to guitar learners would be to start with an acoustic guitar. Once you learn acoustic guitar, playing every other guitars becomes very easy.

This is the traditional type of guitar anybody would be referring to when they converse. It’s easily learnable along with different playing styles.

This helps beginners improve their time on guitar, practicing the basics – scales, chords, chord progression, and riffs. You will immediately get to hear where you are going wrong and correct it accordingly.

Let’s get into choosing the best acoustic guitars you are waiting for.

Acoustic Guitar Price in India

The price for a decent acoustic guitar can start from Rs. 5,000 at a basic level and can go up to Rs. 30,000 or more depending on if you want to invest that much.

If you are looking for high-end guitars, we suggest you buy them locally as most of them are not available online.

7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India (2022) (3)

Two of the best acoustic guitar brands are Yamaha and Fender. Their brand name is been in the market for a long time & quality is always up to the mark.

You might be knowing that I say this all the time. Let me say again and again – Keep your guitar budget a 1-2k higher than your current.

A good professional guitar will last for a minimum of 7-8 years for sure.

Cheap Acoustic Guitars in India

If you have a definite plan of learning to guitars to the best level, then avoid buying cheap acoustic guitars that sell for under Rs. 4000.

I have seen a lot of beginners complaining about their guitar build quality, not so good sound quality, and buzzing sounds in the guitars.

Take this as an investment that will help you for once and all.

If you want to know what all to take care of while buying the best acoustic guitar for beginners in India, scroll down to the buying section guide.

Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India

There are a lot of guitars we are suggesting here. It goes in the right order of our recommendation. You are pleased to buy according to the comparison of each guitar.

After a detailed study across different guitars, We reached to a conclusion to keep the budget below Rs. 10,000 for beginners.

1.Yamaha F310 TBS 6-String Acoustic Guitar, Tobacco Sunburst

Starting off with the best from our list is the Yamaha F310 TBS guitar, a 6 string acoustic guitar.

We have featured this guitar in many of our articles because we still believe it’s the best. With the brand name itself, Yamaha has built this great quality product.

7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India (2022) (4)

This classical guitar has a dreadnought style body, gives a comfortable holding and playability overall.


  • Weight: 2.44 Kg, 41″ inches size
  • Build on Rosewood body finish
  • 6 steel-stringed guitar
  • Dreadnought styled – Acoustic feel
  • Features bolder & richer tones


  • Great sound and strong bass.
  • Brand Name & Top-quality wooden

Its acoustic tone if perfectly tuned right can give some real professional concert-like sound quality.

This guitar is priced at a perfect price, ready to play for any acoustic genre music.

No other guitars in this price range can match up to its sound quality. That’s why this is still rated the best selling product on amazon.

2. Ibanez MD39C-NT Acoustic Guitar (Natural)

Ibanez MD39C-NT guitar is the guitar I have always felt is worth the buck. This is for those whose are planning to purchase at the lowest budget, its perfect for them.

This is the product I would recommend over from choosing other brands like Kadence, Intern or Juarez.

7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India (2022) (5)

It’s a 39″ inches guitar, not so small, but conformtable to hold acoustic guitar.

Unlike the lower buget guitars in this range, this comes with tress rods.

Truss rods help in action adjustment and also gives better build.

Its finishing is made of great quality – Rosewood and Spruce wood top.


  • Cutaway Model – with truss rod
  • Size – 39 inches – 6 Strings, 20 frets
  • Rosewood Finish – Spruce fret
  • Weight: 2.76 Kg

It’s sound quality is great for the price, and with the cutaway its becomes easy for few beginners who like it with the cutaway.

Ibanez is an international guitar company that is well loved by popular guitarists. The highlighting part of this product is that its “Made in India“.

3.Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India (2022) (6)

Yamaha F280 is the next best acoustic guitar you can get for an beginner or intermediate player.

They are very much identical to the previous F310 guitar.

This however has better string spacing and for fingerstlye players this will the best pick.


  • Full sized – 40.5-inch guitar
  • Material: Rosewood fingerboard, Gloss Top
  • Weight: 2.8 Kg


  • Best for fingerstlye players – Good string spacing
  • Bright Sounds, Good tone quality
  • Made in India

The sound quality is bright and is deep sound. Action level is good. The build quality is great as expected from a Yamaha guitar.

This will be the good choice if you plan to play fingerstyle more of the time.

4. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar with Truss Rod

Kadence Frontier Series has been top on the amazon top-reviewed list for a long time. We believe Kadence is a brand that is capable of toping up to the first position to the best acoustic guitar in India.

Ibanez is another guitar manufacturer in India, that produces guitars for mainly beginners level at an affordable but great quality price.

This Kadence Frontier Series is a 41″ inches guitar, whose fretboard and body is made up of rosewood and spruce material.

7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India (2022) (7)

For the price, you can’t go wrong.

There is a slightly more effort required than Yamaha F-310 for playing the chords.


  • 41″ inches size, 2.74 Kg Weight
  • Build on Rosewood & Spruce body finish
  • 6 steel-stringed guitar


  • Great sound and cheap price

Also, this is a semi-acoustic guitar which means you can also connect to an amplifier and get loud quality music.

We added this to the #2 spot due to its comparable sound quality to expensive guitars in the market.

This Guitar also comes with additional strings, Case, Strap, and picks. This makes it a really good deal for both starters and professionals.

5.Fender CD 60 Dread V3 DS 6 String Acoustic Guitar

7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India (2022) (8)

Fender is one of my favourite brands for the reason that it provides its signature sound in all their guitars.

This Fender CD 60 is their best model for the budget users who like to play at the experts level.

It sound quality is crisp and has a good balance of all the tones.

Its a little expensive when you compare with Yamaha F310.

However, if your sound taste matches with the Fender signature quality, this will be perfect for you.

This has a broader fretboard more than Yamaha F310, which makes this best for playing any style on guitar.

One of my favourite video on the internet to describe how great this guitar is for playing any style is this one below.

The black variant uses – Mahogany wood, which has a balanced and warmer tone than the spruce variant. If your want a brighter sound go for spruce variant.

If you are ready to invest in a few extra bucks for the best sound quality and experience, this Fender CD 60 guitar is surely the one you would want.

6. Kadence Frontier Series Black Semi-Acoustic Guitar

This is more or less the same as the previous guitar, more or less with some comparable differences, the black version, and addition equalizer being the major differences.

This guitar is too a semi-acoustic guitar, but with weight at 2.82 Kg, a little higher than previous.

Then the equalizer on the guitar enables finer adjustments in tones and output to the amplifier. Little adjustments on sound, but it helps if you are interested in it. (not bigger deal though)

  • 7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India (2022) (9)
  • 7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India (2022) (10)


  • Semi-Acoustic Guitar (With Equalizer and Pickup)
  • Fretboard material: Rosewood,
  • 6 String guitar
  • Extras – 1 pack of Strings, bag, strap, and picks

It’spriced at an amazing price deal and is a good wishlist in buying the best guitars for beginners India.

7.Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar (Natural)

This is next acoustic guitar from Fender which features an upgrade in build to the previous Fender CD-60.

With a dreadnought body, it comes with laminated solid top and neck, Rosewood fretboard and bridge. Solidwood utilisessolidsheets of wood, which makes it little expensive, but great in build quality.

7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners & Experts in India (2022) (11)

It resonates very good and with time you will get better sounds.

Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

Whenever you are buying a guitar, the most important question that you must be asking first is not the price. Its the guitar specifications.

If you don’t get the guitar of the right specification you will never find it interesting to play it.

Here are the few factors that I suggest you look at:

  1. Shape/Structure of Guitar
  2. Action – Height of Strings
  3. Sound quality
  4. Price Range
  5. Connectivity with the Guitar

If you want to read the complete overview on how to choose the best guitar in a price bracket, do read our complete guitar buying guide here.

In short, here is a video that explains everything in detail.

Also buying an extra pair of guitar strings is going to help you the most. Read out article on buying acoustic guitar strings.


Now I hope you are after reading this article you would have come to a conclusion to the best acoustic guitar to buy.

If you are still in doubt, you may comment below and we are more than happy to resolve them. At least I am very happy to see that you have opted to learn guitars.

You have a great future ahead, keep playing!

Play the string!

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