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    9 Best String Trimmers of 2022 (1)Dan StoutUpdated: Sep. 29, 2022

      String trimmers (also called weed whackers or weed whips) create clean lines after mowing. Here's how to find the best string trimmer for your lawn.

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      Best String Trimmer: Gas-Powered

      One of the most storied brands in outdoor tools, Husqvarna offers a wide range of high-quality string trimmers, including our pick for best all-around gas-powered trimmer: the Husqvarna 128LD.

      Features like a 28cc engine, a 17-inch cutting swath (the width of its cut) and the ease of the “Tap ‘N’ Go” line release system combine to make this model a good value. Add in the ability to swap out an edger, cultivator or pole saw attachment head, and the 128LD is a wonderfully versatile investment from a dependable manufacturer.

      It ships with a T25 spool head, featuring dual-string cutting with a string thickness of 95/1000-in. (a step up from most trimmers in this price range). One last feature we like: While it may sound like a small thing, the translucent fuel tank means that you won’t be surprised when you’re running low on gas.

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      Best String Trimmer: Corded Electric

      Of course, you can eliminate the worries of running out of fuel completely by using a corded electric trimmer! Although the Greenworks brand is perhaps best known for battery-powered tools, this corded electric model is a strong choice for yard maintenance.

      The 18-inch cutting swath is surprisingly generous, especially for an electric trimmer, and the dual-string head is a nice touch. The default string diameter is a reliable 8/100-in. This trimmer also can handle various attachment heads, and it comes with the Greenworks limited four-year warranty.

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      Best String Trimmer: Cordless Electric

      The WG191 from Workx is a great cordless option. Its 56V battery is a significant step up in power and lifespan from 20V models, and the difference in price is reasonable.

      The 8/100-in. line is middle of the road. The 13-inch cutting swath is a little narrow but makes it a good choice for getting into tight spots. Variable speed and a pivoting head add to the WG191’s versatility, and the rotating rear handle is especially nice when trimming in an awkward position or when converting to the wheeled edging mode.

      Overall, this is a great pick for most DIYers with yards of an acre or less who just want to keep things tidy.

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      Best String Trimmer for Large Yards

      For DIYers with larger yards, the Ryobi RY253SS is a fantastic option. This gas-powered model has a 25cc full-crank engine, which Ryobi claims gives it twice the lifespan of an average cordless trimmer. The dual-string head is equipped with a beefy 95/1000-in. string, and the 18-inch cutting swath is as large as you’ll find in a consumer model.

      With a large yard you’ll likely need more than just a trimming function. Optional attachments for the RY253SS include an edger, blower and tiller. One drawback: It’s on the heavy side, weighing a little more than 12 pounds.

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      Best String Trimmer for Large Weeds

      If you’ve got a particularly mean batch of weeds on your property, allow us to introduce you to the EGO Power+ ST1521S.

      This EGO model comes with a few nice features. The 15-inch cutting swath is standard, but the trimmer string is a beast. It’s a dual-feed, spiral twist that’s 95/1000-in. thick, giving it the strength and resilience to eat through your weeds and undergrowth at an outrageous rate. An EGO Power+ 56V battery drives its brushless motor.

      The ST1521’s carbon fiber shaft is lighter than the aluminum model, and comes with a lifetime warranty. The tool itself features a five-year warranty, while the battery is covered for three years.

      One other feature we love on this model is the Powerload. Simply feed a replacement string into the head, adjust the length, and hit the Powerload button to auto-wind it onto the head. No swapping out over-priced spool heads for this trimmer!

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      Best Lightweight String Trimmer

      With no need to bear the weight of a gas engine or battery pack, you may have expected a corded electric string trimmer would be our choice for best lightweight option. But surprisingly, the Earthwise LST02010 is far and away the lightest trimmer on this list. Powered by a 20V battery, this mighty tiny trimmer weighs in at only four pounds!

      At that weight, it does give up some robustness. It only has a 10-inch cutting swath, and the string is 65/1000-in. The shaft is telescoping, which is a nice feature. It comes with a two-year warranty on the tool and one year on the battery.

      It’s not designed for heavy use. But if you want something lightweight and easy to handle, this is an excellent, affordable option.

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      Best Budget String Trimmer

      Sure, you can find less expensive string trimmers than the Black and Decker Besta510. But the price difference between this model and those less-expensive trimmers is relatively small, while the performance gap is relatively high. In the end, we think this model is the best deal around.

      The 14-inch cutting swath is modest, and the string is only 65/1000-in. in diameter. Those are reasonable compromises to score a reliable string trimmer for less than $50.

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      Best Splurge-Purchase String Trimmer

      On the opposite end of the price spectrum, the Makita XRU15 PT1 retails at $430. But it comes packed with features and equipment to make that price seem like a bargain.

      Most notably, it ships with four batteries and a two-battery charging station. That makes it a great choice if it’s your first foray into Makita’s 18V power tool line. The trimmer, like most of Makita’s outdoor tools, uses two batteries, while Makita’s power hand tools use a single 18V pack.

      The XRU15 PT1 utilizes three discrete speed settings rather than a variable speed trigger, and its solid steel shaft transmits little vibration to the user’s hands.

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      Note: The four-pack battery option is only available for a limited time. So if you’re thinking about buying, you may want to jump on it now!

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      Best String Trimmer: All-Around Value

      While considering a best All-Around String Trimmer, we looked at everything from convenience to cutting power and (of course) price. In the end, we settled on the Ryobi model P20110, part of the ONE+ line of 18V cordless power tools.

      The P20110 boasts an array of features, including the Reel-Easy+ line loader, which is similar to the EGO Powerload. (Ryobi kept the price down by keeping it manual.) It also includes a brushless motor, two-step speed control, attachment capability and an adjustable (13- to 15-inch) cutting swath, so you can work fast or in tight areas.

      The dual-string, bump-feed head uses a twisted 8/100-in. string, and it’s all backed by a three-year limited warranty. This string trimmer also converts to an edger, and the battery is compatible with more than 200 other Ryobi tools.

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      Originally Published: July 15, 2021

      9 Best String Trimmers of 2022 (11)

      Dan Stout

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      Ohio-based freelance writer and author Dan Stout is a former residential remodeler, commercial site supervisor and maintenance manager. He’s worked on nearly all aspects of building and DIY including project planning and permitting, plumbing, basic electric, drywall, carpentry, tiling, painting and more. He also publishes noir fantasy thrillers, including The Carter Series, from Penguin imprint DAW Books.


      What brand of string trimmers is best? ›

      But first, here's a quick preview of the best trimmers.
      • BEST OVERALL: EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Cordless String Trimmer.
      • BEST BUDGET: BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer / Edger, 13-Inch (ST8600)
      • UPGRADE PICK: Makita XRU15PT1 Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer.
      28 Jul 2022

      What is the toughest trimmer line? ›

      For the greatest durability, round string is the standard. Combining more material with less surface area, it has a longer wear time. Round string made of reinforced nylon or non-nylon polymer, or string with a hardened core material, will provide greater durability than basic nylon.

      Which is the No 1 trimmer? ›

      Ans: VGR Professional Hair Trimmer Kit and PHILIPS Skin-friendly Beard Trimmer under 1000 and NOVA Cordless Multi Grooming Trimmer, SYSKA Corded & Cordless Grooming Trimmer, Mi Corded & Cordless Beard Trimmer, Braun 6-in-1 All-in-one Trimmer and Philips Smart Beard Trimmer under 2000 are best trimmers in a budget.

      Which is the best all purpose trimmer? ›

      Ans: VGR Professional Hair Trimmer Kit and PHILIPS Skin-friendly Beard Trimmer under 1000 and NOVA Cordless Multi Grooming Trimmer, SYSKA Corded & Cordless Grooming Trimmer, Mi Corded & Cordless Beard Trimmer, Braun 6-in-1 All-in-one Trimmer and Philips Smart Beard Trimmer under 2000 are best trimmers in a budget.

      Are curved or straight trimmers better? ›

      Because the drive cable/shaft experiences less bending, straight shaft trimmers tend to hold up better over time.

      What trimmer line do professionals use? ›

      The material of the line, its shape, the contact surface (e.g. rocks, fences, curbs, etc.), and the condition of the yard (thick or less dense) will determine the strength of the trimmer line. The round trimmer line is used mostly by professional landscapers because of its optimal grade of durability.

      Is thinner or thicker trimmer line better? ›

      This probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but the general rule with string trimmer line size is that the tougher the application, the thicker the line needs to be. A larger diameter line increases the power and durability of the line, which leads to less breakage and wear-out.

      Is Square strimmer line better than round? ›

      Which weed eater string shape lasts the longest? It's simple, round string typically offers the best longevity of any shape. Think about it, . 095 is a measure of the thickest part of a trimmer line.

      Is Thicker strimmer wire better? ›

      Strimmer line typically varies between 1.5mm and 3mm. The larger, heavier machines require a thicker gauge or quite simply, under heavy load will break too easily.

      Why does my strimmer line keep snapping? ›

      The most frequent cause of a line breakage is through contact with something in the garden. Usually this is the result of the cutting head being taken too close to objects, e.g. garden stones, paving edges, walls etc.

      Which Trimmer Do Barbers use? ›

      While it comes down to preference, your budget and hair type, clippers from Andis, Babyliss Pro and Wahl all come recommended by barbers. The pros are even known to keep multiple brands and a variety of clipper types on hand to tackle different cut styles.

      Which is the best trimmer at low price? ›

      Trimmer Under 500 Price List
      • ₹ 398. ₹398 ❯ Nova NHT-1045 Cordless Trimmer. ...
      • ₹ 369. ₹369 ❯ Umanac NT-516 Nose Trimmer. ...
      • ₹ 442. ₹442 ❯ Nova NHT-1076 Cordless Trimmer. ...
      • ₹ 474. Nova 1020 Trimmer. Cordless Trimmer. ...
      • ₹ 413. ₹413 ❯ Kemei 201B Trimmer. ...
      • ₹ 430. ₹430 ❯ ...
      • HTC AT-555 Trimmer. Corded Trimmer.
      • ₹ 349. ₹349 ❯

      Which trimmer is best for private hair men? ›

      Our conclusion: You can use a beard trimmer for the task, but if you want a dedicated device for grooming pubes, the Panasonic Electric Body Hair Trimmer and Groomer for Men ER-GK60-S is overall the best tool, regardless of your genitalia.

      How do I choose a good mens trimmer? ›

      All-in-One Guide to Finding the Best Beard Trimmer for Men
      1. The Right Buying Guide to Beard Trimmer.
      2. Sharp Blades. The first important thing to look for in a beard trimmer is the quality and material of the blades. ...
      3. Battery Runtime. ...
      4. Adjustable Combs and Attachments. ...
      5. Travel Friendly Features. ...
      6. Corded and Cordless Use.
      7 Sept 2022

      Which groin trimmer is best? ›

      Best Pubic Hair Trimmers
      • Best Overall. Multigroomer All-in-One Trimmer Series 3000 Philips Norelco. ...
      • Best Wet and Dry. Electric Shaver for Women Panasonic. ...
      • Best Unisex. The Trimmer Meridian. ...
      • Best for Hard-to-Reach Areas. Body Groomer Panasonic. ...
      • Best Women's. Hair Trimmer for Women PRITECH. ...
      • Best for Thick Hair. ...
      • Best for Precision.
      13 Apr 2022

      Which is the best trimmer in 2022? ›

      The Best Beard Trimmers to Buy in 2022
      • Panasonic Electric Beard, Hair & Body Trimmer.
      • Philips Series 9000 Prestige Beard Trimmer.
      • King C Gillette Style Master.
      • Wahl Stainless Steel Stubble & Beard Trimmer.
      • Braun Beard Trimmer 7.
      • Braun XT5.
      • Wahl Aqua Blade Beard And Stubble Trimmer.
      • King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer.

      What is the best grass trimmer to buy? ›

      Best Overall and Category Champs
      • Best Overall: Husqvarna 128LD 28 cc 17” String Trimmer.
      • Best Curved Shaft: Husqvarna 128CD Curved-Shaft Trimmer.
      • Most Versatile: Craftsman WS235 Brush Cutter and String Trimmer.
      • Best Commercial Pick: Proyama 42.7 cc Brush Cutter and Trimmer. ...
      • Ryobi RY253SS 25 cc 18” Trimmer.
      11 Sept 2022

      Are 4 cycle trimmers better? ›

      A 4-stroke string trimmer produces far fewer emissions, impacting the environment less and improving fuel efficiency. In fact, in some states, you might have to use a cleaner-running 4-stroke trimmer due to emissions regulations.

      Are brushless trimmers better? ›

      The friction from the rotating brushes in a brushed motor generates heat which is less efficient. That's why the more efficient brushless motors end up producing more power, provide longer run time, and have a longer life.

      Are Straight Shaft Trimmers more powerful? ›

      Since the drive chain is straight, they also give you higher torque and deliver more power, making them more suitable for tougher, heavy-duty jobs. Due to the fact that many straight trimmers can accept different attachments, they are more versatile than curved trimmers, which can only be used in one way.

      Should you soak your trimmer line? ›

      Trimmer line does tend to dry out over time and becomes more brittle. Storing it or soaking it in water will help reduce line breakage and make the line more flexible.

      What is the difference between a grass trimmer and a line trimmer? ›

      In reality, most of these distinctions are manufacturers terms, as some companies refer to grass strimmers as line trimmers (as they use a spinning nylon line to cut through grass). All these terms - grass trimmers, garden trimmers, line trimmers, garden strimmers - generally mean the same thing.

      Whats the difference between a line trimmer and a strimmer? ›

      There's no difference between a 'strimmer' and a 'trimmer', they're the same tool. 'Strimmer' is an old trademark name that caught on, as you might say 'hoover' for any vacuum cleaner or 'coke' for any cola.

      Does trimmer line brand matter? ›

      Choosing the correct line (thickness/weight, style and material) helps cutting go quicker and lessens the chances of running out of line in the middle of the job. Before you fire up your trimmer, check the user manual to determine what size lines it can handle. Then think about what you plan to cut.

      Does it matter what size trimmer line you use? ›

      A larger diameter will increase your cutting power and durability against thicker grasses and weeds. A lighter weight should be used on areas where there are a minimum of weeds. However, each trimmer can only handle a certain line diameter, check your owner's manual for model specific recommendations.

      Are strimmer lines Colour coded? ›

      Cobra strimmer line is available in 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 2.7mm and 3.0mm diameter and various lengths. The packaging has a colour-coded label which makes the line diameter easily identifiable.

      What happens if you use the wrong size trimmer line? ›

      This is even more likely to happen if you're using the wrong-sized trimmer line. Line that is either thicker or thinner than the manufacturer's recommendation will not function well. What you'll end up with is a tangled mess or line that runs out very quickly.

      Can I use WD40 to trimmer? ›

      No, WD40 cannot be used to replace clipper blade oil. It is very thin and will evaporate too quickly. It can also easily get into the clipper housing, which can thin the grease inside the clipper, causing problems. Only use oil, coolants, sprays or dips formulated specifically for dog clippers.

      How long should you soak trimmer line? ›

      STIHL TIP: Soak your trimmer line in water for 24 hours before re-spooling your trimmer to keep it flexible!

      How often should you oil your trimmers? ›

      Oiling your clippers will help to reduce friction that can wear down the blade, prevent your clippers from overheating and help to keep them sharper longer. While you do not have to oil your clipper blades after every use, you should get into the routine of oiling them every 2 uses.

      Can you use cable ties on strimmer? ›

      6.To temporarily fix a broken strimmer

      It can be frustrating when your strimmer's wire breaks off in the middle of cutting the grass and you have no replacement wire. A quick way to fix and finish the job of trimming the lawn is to use a cable tie instead.

      Why does my trimmer line melt together? ›

      Trimmer line can melt together because of several reasons, here are a few. Heat created by continually trimming around fences, and or bricks. Take breaks and feed line often. Heat created by continually trimming around concrete and or asphalt.

      Who makes the best electric trimmers? ›

      The Greenworks 21302 model is Amazon's No. 1 best-selling string trimmer, and for good reason. It's a great value for under $100, especially since it packs 40 volts of battery power. That battery runs for up to an hour on a single charge, which is an impressively long time compared to batteries from many other brands.

      How do I choose a string trimmer? ›

      Weight: Choose a weed trimmer that you can easily handle and carry. Consider weight as you choose optional attachments. You can't use a pole pruner attachment if you can't lift the tool. Good balance: Ergonomic models make keeping the trimmer at the right angle easy without having to make constant adjustments.

      What trimmers do barbers use to line up? ›

      4 Best Hair Edgers & Liner Trimmers for Barbers
      Top PickAndis T Outliner Gentle on dry skin Smaller blade Electromagnetic motor
      Edge UpWahl Razor Edger Extremely slim design Electromagnetic motor Extremely quiet
      CompactWahl Detailer Wide blade Lightweight Great design
      1 more row
      17 Nov 2021

      Is thicker or thinner trimmer line better? ›

      This probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but the general rule with string trimmer line size is that the tougher the application, the thicker the line needs to be. A larger diameter line increases the power and durability of the line, which leads to less breakage and wear-out.

      Are brushless trimmers worth it? ›

      That's why the more efficient brushless motors end up producing more power, provide longer run time, and have a longer life. Depending on your needs, you may want to opt for the brushless DC motor because it will pay off in efficiency and longer life for your tools.

      Is square or round trimmer line better? ›

      095 star-shaped trimmer line is much less dense, than a round . 095 line. As a result, star shaped or similar multi-sided lines are going to break apart faster. Round line will last the longest as it is as thick as possible all the way around.

      What is the best voltage for a trimmer? ›

      Low-voltage trimmers, 18 V to 36 V, are comparable to electric trimmers, while high-voltage trimmers, 40 V to 80 V, can outperform even two-cycle gas trimmers. That said, battery run time usually tops out at 30 minutes, and recharging may take up to an hour. For larger jobs, a second battery will get you through.

      What is the easiest string trimmer to reload? ›

      Husqvarna's T25 trimmer head is easy to reload when you run out of string. The 128LD has “Tap 'N Go” line release, meaning you only have to tap the head against the ground or another surface to advance the line as you work.

      What is the best barber trimmer? ›

      Combing Through Today's 10 Best Barber Trimmers 2022
      • 93.3 % BaBylissPRO GoldFX Trimmer. ...
      • 92.8 % Wahl 5-Star Hero. ...
      • 92.8 % BaBylissPRO RoseFX Trimmer. ...
      • 91.7 % Wahl Edge Pro. ...
      • 90.6 % Wahl Peanut. ...
      • 89.4 % Philips Norelco Multigroomer 5000 Series. ...
      • 88.9 % Andis T-Outliner Trimmer. ...
      • 87.2 % Hatteker Men's Hair Clipper & Beard Trimmer.
      14 Nov 2022

      Which hair clipper gives the closest cut? ›

      The Wahl Close Cut Clipper with ultra-close blades will cut your hair as short as 0.4mm, which is 50% closer than standard blades of 0.8mm, giving you the confidence to achieve an ultra-close cut or smooth finish.


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